• Benjamin O'Connor

The Blinds - 'Tell Me What You See'

New York based alternative rock band The Blinds have released their debut album ‘Tell Me What You See.’

From the opening title track ‘Tell Me What You See,’ it is clear that the album is a rocky, driven piece of work with distorted guitars and refreshingly energetic lead vocals from the band's singer Joe Fareed. The second single ‘Zoe’ is a standout to me, it was the first single after all. A catchy chorus with thrashing guitars and Leo Rinaldi's powerful drums discusses the very relatable feeling of being in love at first sight.

As the album progresses, ‘White Fang’ shows the band’s versatile ability to strip back their music and focus on the songwriting, taking a short breather from the electric energy of the other tracks.

‘Tell Me What You See’ shows the huge potential from this new band, and we’re so excited to hear what comes next from the New York 4 piece. Check out the album below.