• Benjamin O'Connor

Ryan Wright - 'Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)'

Virginia based artist Ryan Wright has released an angsty, haunting-yet-humorous single titled ‘Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)’.

I was initially drawn to the production on this song. 80s style distorted synths and heavy programmed drums capture your attention, resulting in a unique sound. The track is rich with bass synths underlying the production, driving the song through to the end.

The songwriter/producer’s ethereal vocal sings almost humorous lyrics above the eclectic instrumental. The chorus line ‘Happy birthday, here’s your card, go fuck yourself,’ is a sassy and brutally honest representation of Ryan Wright’s angsty teenage feelings, almost like a more sassy Olivia Rodrigo.

The empowering, animated single 'Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)' is out now. I love the unique sound of this song, check it out below.