• Benjamin O'Connor

RoseeLu - 'Fuck With My Feelings'

Fresh off the success of her first 2021 release ‘Playing Alone’, RoseeLu releases her follow up single ‘Fuck with My Feelings,’ a modern pop love song spilling with energy.

Growing up surrounded by the tunes from her father’s piano and forming her first melodies in kindergarten, RoseeLu was destined for musical success. Leaving home at 17 to move to Copenhagen and pursue her passion cemented this path. Indeed, her first single of 2021 was featured on Billboard and many other mainstream music channels. Her release ‘LA Traffic’ has racked up over 3 million streams on Spotify to date. Clearly, there is no stopping RoseeLu.

Fuck with My Feelings is RoseeLu’s approach to the ever-changing game of love and that insane state of mind it's coupled with. ‘I want you to fuck with my feelings’ directly alludes to that emotion of insanity. A touch of hip hop compliments a futuristic pop sound, merging into a radio ready future hit.

Fuck with My Feelings is out now!