• Benjamin O'Connor

Rish Kalra - 'Push Start'

Updated: Apr 13

Rish Kalra releases ‘Push Start,’ a groovy song coupled with a deep message.

Rish Kalra is a multi-instrumentalist and producer out of Nottingham, UK, who has found his feet in the R&B and alternative genres, with his latest release pointing towards just that. Bouncing drums drive behind dreamy sounding guitars and synths with Rish's Glass Animals-esque vocal singing catchy melodies. The bass and drums strongly play together, with the former offering a jazzy feel whilst supporting the groove.

Behind the catchy upbeat vibe of ‘Push Start’ lies a deeper, melancholic insight into the winter months of lockdown. The lyrics tell a narrative of overthinking and loss in your headspace. The opening verse lyrics 'the message is so clear, but I'm paralysed in thought. i'm moving in my way, I just wish I knew for what,' clearly describe the feeling of misdirection we've all had during lockdown. Rish hopes that through the discussion of these themes he can remind people to think about the positive parts of any situation, and rather than dwelling on the uncertainty, giving yourself a push in the right direction.

This is Rish’s third single release, with each song progressing in quality. I can’t wait to hear what’s next in his promising career as a producer/ songwriter.

Check out 'Push Start' below.