• Benjamin O'Connor

Raye Robinson - 'Daisies'

‘Daisies’ is the debut single from Los Angeles based pop artist Raye Robinson, a song permeated with honest and relatable songwriting.

Raye’s crisp lead vocal sits above a Finneas style production, with a driving kick, clean bass, and addictive melody. This combination leads to a funky, easily loved alt pop song. Daisies has a great dynamic range, beginning with an intimate piano and vocal, leading into a full production in the chorus, keeping the listener hooked.

The lyrics explore the indie/alt pop artist’s relationship with the complications of love. According to Raye herself, the song concerns the situation where she ‘ended things with a guy that I was seeing because I was afraid to get into something serious. After we stopped seeing each other, though, I really missed the connection we had, and I couldn’t stop wondering ‘Does he miss me too? Does he hate me now? Did I make the right decision?’

This is a really exciting debut from Raye Robinson, Daisies is out now!