• Benjamin O'Connor

Nightshifts - 'Tunnel Vision'

Nightshifts immerses us in dense soundscapes and vibrant pop energy in new single ‘Tunnel Vision.’

Perfect for uplifting the mood of a spring day, Tunnel Vision is a synth driven pop song from the Toronto based songwriter Andrew Oliver. Previously praised by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), this track oozes with confidence, and rightly so. The song is a hook from start to finish, an irresistible head bob full of kaleidoscopic sounds, sunny guitars, and a fresh, indie lead vocal.

Tunnel Vision feels dreamlike, which could explain Andrew Oliver’s trancey visuals to accompany the song depicting Nightshift on a different planet. A slap delayed vocal with rich harmonies certainly sends you into an alternate world of optimism.

This is a strong release from Nightshift, and I just know he’s got ‘tunnel vision’ to the top of the music industry.