• Benjamin O'Connor

Mia Giovina - 'Sirens'

Updated: Apr 13

After a viral Tik Tok that reached over half a million views, 19 year old singer songwriter Mia Giovina has released her highly anticipated debut single ‘Sirens.’ Mia performed the song to her 150k TikTok following to a great response, prompting her to record and release the tune.

Sirens is a heartfelt song that beautifully encapsulates the desire to move away from a place you’ve lived your whole life. An honest acoustic guitar dances behind an intricate lead vocal that communicates the relatable feeling of wanting to move on.

The song isn’t your usual moving on song, as Mia acknowledges the beauty of her past: ‘if I make it out to New York, will I miss the sunset drives?’ The song communicates that complex feeling of knowing that moving on to bigger things is best for you, but it’s hard to leave behind what you’ve always known.

After posting the unreleased song on Tik Tok, she found the themes resonated with a number of people, and says that she hopes to continue to release music that makes people feel seen, understood and less alone. I truly believe that this is a beautiful song and Mia is destined for great things.

Be a day one fan by checking out Sirens on all streaming services, and following Mia on instagram here.