• Benjamin O'Connor

Lily Kincade - 'At My Funeral'

Updated: Apr 13

LA based pop artist Lily Kincade has released her poignant ballad ‘At My Funeral,’ connecting us all to the deep feelings of loneliness.

At My Funeral is a beautiful venture into the feeling where you believe no one cares about your existence, and no one will know if you’re gone. The sombre chorus lyrics ‘In loving memory, the pews are empty, nobody shows up, nobodies choked up’ beautifully encapsulates this dark but relatable feeling. Through her Instagram, it is clear that Lily Kincade wants listeners to feel less alone when hearing this song, which I am sure it has achieved.

The production emphasises the isolating mood surrounding the theme of the song. A stripped piano gently plays underneath Lily’s heartfelt vocal melody in a Taylor Swift-esque fashion, creating a sense of vulnerability that stands out amongst modern music. Lily Kincade’s ability to craft an addictive pop song becomes apparent in the second verse when a simple yet effective drum beat swings underneath the vocal, driving the song towards an emotional final chorus.

This song is different from Lily Kincade’s catalogue of upbeat songs, demonstrating her versatility as an artist with an attention to vulnerable lyricism and emotionally impactful melodies.

‘At My Funeral’ is a beautiful song that should be heard worldwide, and I believe it is not long till this becomes a reality.

Check it out below and follow her on instagram here.