• Benjamin O'Connor

Lainey Dionne - 'Skin'

Updated: Apr 13

Berklee College of Music graduate Lainey Dionne’s single ‘Skin’ is a raw insight into the emotions surrounding a toxic relationship.

In her own words, Lainey states that the song describes the situation where you are ‘hiding your depression and you don’t know how to get out of the relationship.’ Dark production accompanies this theme, accentuating the serious subject matter. Muffled drums resembling a beating heart move behind a minimal acoustic guitar, creating a sense of vulnerability that compliments the song’s meaning. Lainey’s dark vocal furthers this idea of vulnerability through a soft melody that beautifully sits on top of the instrumental, drawing the listener into the delicate place Lainey wrote the song from.

I love the honesty in 'Skin', and think it’ll really resonate with people (you could argue it already has after generating 34k streams on Spotify so far). The chorus lyric ‘I’m a stranger inside my skin’ powerfully depicts the feeling of struggling to understand yourself after prolonged time pretending to be someone else on the outside, hiding those inner emotions.

Lainey Dionne is a really exciting artist and I hope she continues with her current momentum! Check out ‘Skin’ below and follow her on instagram here.