• Benjamin O'Connor

Jimmy Herrity - 'Enough'

Jimmy Herrity gives us a taste of his debut EP and explores the challenges of grief with new single ‘Enough.’

A bright, upbeat production beautifully contrasts the dark subject matter of the single, creating a truly unique experience for the listener. Dreamy, tremolo guitars support a similarly dreamy vocal, creating a lush, easy listening sonic space.

Lyrically, the song talks about the relentlessness of grief in a raw and honest way after the loss of a loved one to suicide. The Brighton-based artist discusses his frustration with the continuous state he has found himself in, stating in the chorus that he has ‘had enough’ and ‘wish[es] [he] could come down.’ This type of songwriting is so important amongst the current climate of the industry, in my opinion, as it will directly relate to those with similar experiences, letting sufferers know that they are not alone in their turbulent journey through grief, subsequently spreading much needed hope.

This single gives me a slightly stripped Arcade Fire type of vibe, so for any fans of them out there, give this one a listen! Enough is currently Track of the Week on BBC Introducing Solent, so catch it while it's hot!