• Benjamin O'Connor

Jake Gauntlett - ‘The Butterfly and the Honeybee’

Photo: @tobiasmantaray

Hampshire-based pianist, composer, guitarist, and singer songwriter Jake Gauntlett poetically discusses human being’s interaction with the environment in his new acoustically driven single 'The Butterfly and the Honeybee.'

As a man of nature himself, this is a topic Jake cares passionately about, as we all should. A stripped back production of an acoustic guitar allows the vocals and lyrics to take centre stage as the 23-year-old musician quaintly asks us to ‘not forget the earth’ as it’s ‘from the earth we came.’ Jake criticises man’s stain on the world, through ridding the greenness before us and tainting it with greed. These themes remind me of the earlier poetry from writers such as William Blake, who consistently challenged man’s displacement of nature through the industrial revolution. In our current crisis of climate change, these comments stand truer than ever today.

As important as the song is lyrically, I can also see it sitting comfortably on your afternoon acoustic playlist. Gentle melodies, warm background vocals from Eleanor Francis, and mellow guitars reminiscent of early Ben Howard music, offer a perfect mood setter for a relaxing spring day.

Photo: @tobiasmantaray

Jake Gauntlett’s newest single vividly displays his talent for exquisite songwriting that is both poetic and direct in its approach, communicating messages that we all need to hear in the contemporary age.

The Butterfly and the Honeybee is out now on all streaming platforms, check it out below!