• Benjamin O'Connor

Interview With Socotra

Updated: Apr 13

I chatted with Hampshire based lofi house artist Socotra on his home production creative flow, affect of lockdown on his music and plans for the future.

When did Socotra first begin?

I started making music at university in my third year, then came home and released an EP called ‘Medium Mondays’ last January. This then followed with another EP called ‘The Interlude’ in May which started things up properly for me.

You’ve recently released an EP titled ‘By the Hill’, could you explain a little about the creative process behind the EP?

Well with lo-fi music the creative process probably isn’t as interesting than with other genres, so I tend to start with my piano and figure out a melody/chord progression then add a beat on top, then it all goes from there. I think most people start with a beat, but I prefer it this way.

Who are your main inspirations when you write your music?

I couldn’t really name any in particular, I usually just listen to the genre as a whole. I do listen to a lot of jazz instrumentalists such as The Deli. I follow an artist called Chief who I spoke to a while back who told me ‘not to try too hard’ when it comes to making music.

2020 was the strangest year, did you feel it had any influence on your creative outlet?

Yes, 100%

I got better at all the instruments and producing because I was furloughed. The lockdown was good for my music as I had all the free time to learn so much more about production and practise.

Did the lockdown change any of your plans for your music?

It made me take it more seriously. It started as more of a hobby but because I spent so much time doing it, it became more of a job. Less so now as I’m back at work but in July/June I was doing so much of it, it was pretty much a day job!

What’s next for Socotra?

Keep releasing more music but with more of a focus on collaboration. There’s music coming out soon which includes a number of collaborators which I’m really looking forward to announcing soon!

Socotra's EP 'By the Hill' is available now on all streaming services. At the time of posting, Socotra has also released an EP titled 'Rearview' that sonically explores the past year and the development in his sound, check it out on Spotify etc!