• Benjamin O'Connor

Hanne Mjøen - 'Hell with You'

Norwegian alt-pop artist Hanne Mjøen scoldingly tells us what it’s like to fall out of love but not want to leave the relationship in synth driven single ‘Hell with You.’

After receiving radio play from the iconic Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 and generating over 20 million streams to date, Hanne Mjøen is quickly making a name for herself in the pop music world.

‘Hell with You,’ her latest offering, is a dynamically rich song with a Charlie Puth like breakdown in the chorus that catches the listeners attention with ease.

Honest, cutthroat lyrics are disguised amongst the dreamy, arpeggiated synthesisers that permeate the clean production. Hanne's crystal clear vocals discuss the paradoxical situation of being in a relationship you don’t want to be in, but also don’t want to get out of. Lyrics like ‘No you’re not the one I’ve been looking for’ and ‘I could hurt you and not mind at all’ clearly show this feeling. In her own words, Hanne says that her music is for people who want to dance but with lyrics to cry to, a motive very present in this song.

Hell with You is a pop anthem that I know will be heard far and wide in no time, and I can’t wait for more people to hear Hanne’s music. Check it out below!