• Benjamin O'Connor

Evey - 'Nothing'

Evey seeks self-guidance in her debut single ‘Nothing.’

Based in Copenhagen, Evey is a brand-new artist inspired to release original music after hearing the powerful sounds of female artists in the industry such as Taylor Swift, Patti Smith, and Tori Amos.

The 20-year-old songwriter’s debut single is an alt-pop song that deals with the feeling of entrapment and not fitting in. Evey states that the song was written from a place of loneliness and detachment, where the desperation for guidance was permeating her mind. However, she soon realised that guidance for self-improvement must come from within. Themes like this are so important and I’m sure will inspire others to also be self-reflective when navigating through difficult times. Evey herself says she hopes her music and overall community will be a safe space for young people to express themselves and use their unique voices.

Pulsing acoustic drums and grainy guitars driving the single sound like something from a 90s movie, creating that energetic, loveable nostalgic feeling. Evey’s vocal sits crisply on top, singing a poppy, bouncy melody.

‘Nothing’ is out now on all streaming services!