• Benjamin O'Connor

DUNE Aimee - 'Power Cut'

Dutch artist Dune Aimee’s debut single ‘Power Cut’ powerfully faces the feelings of self-doubt amongst an electronic Tove Lo style production.

DUNE Aimee’s clean lead vocal conveys this feeling in an honest, confrontational way in an attempt to overcome her struggles. This approach in the lyricism was inspired from the music of strong female artists such as Halsey and FLETCHER, DUNE Aimee says.

An exquisite production on Power Cut compliments the mood through dark electronic drums and synths. A dry vocal on the ‘Power Cut’ line, in my opinion, furthers the honesty in the subject matter through its isolating sound as DUNE Aimee faces her self-doubt.

This is DUNE Aimee’s first offering as an artist, and I cannot wait to hear what’s next!

Check out 'Power Cut' below.