• Benjamin O'Connor

Bandicoot - 'Fuzzy'

Cardiff based quartet Bandicoot modernise 50s rock and roll in their new single ‘Fuzzy.’

Photo by @bethanmillerco

The band’s new single brings a timeless energy heard in the classic sounds of Elvis Presley, ‘Hound Dog’ in particular being an instant comparison for me. Rolling drums underneath rattling rhythm guitars ooze unparalleled joy and movement, effortlessly bringing any listener to their feet. An echoey vocal furthers the timeless feel to the song, whilst the energetic melody contributes to the

Photo by @bethanmillerco

driving rhythm.

According to the band themselves, ‘Fuzzy is a strutting statement of intent, fizzing with energy, rolling relentlessly on. It captures the energy that we’re bursting with, cooped up in our homes, awaiting the return to the stage. And a triumphant, ferocious return it will be.’

Like Bandicoot have said, this is the exact sort of song you would want to hear live, and you can already imagine the energy in the room. ‘Fuzzy’ is out now everywhere via Libertino Records, check it out below!