• Benjamin O'Connor

Are Paid Livestream Gigs Worth it?

Updated: Apr 13

Recently, I decided I'd pay £14 or so to watch two of my favourite artists (Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler) perform their beautiful sequel EP 'Brent II' in a livestream setting. The whole 40 minute performance was stunningly put together, with a whole vibe created through set props and professionally recorded sound.

I was told the show would take me into the world of 'Brent' and I was not disappointed at all. The entire time I felt totally immersed in the Brent atmosphere, allowing me to escape the tedium of lockdown life. A dark set with glaring lights and trees really created that world. Jeremy and Chelsea played a total of 7 songs throughout the set, mixing the earlier Brent EP with the latest, as well as some chatter in between songs.

Overall, I would more than recommend you paying a small amount of money to see your favourite artist live through your computer. So if you are on the fence, of course its not quite the same experience and energy as being in a theatre/sweaty basement, but for now I think its all we've got, and we should embrace that.

​I would also recommend you checking out Brent II below.